La Rampa is an independent print magazine focused on counter histories and new narratives. The magazine brings attention to the many languages of resistance, re-conceptualizing the way in which we understand the past, experience the present and re-imagine the future.

Issues present geo-political spaces connected by shared memories bringing together artists, writers and thinkers from different backgrounds and disciplines.

The publication aims to challenge historical narratives and visuality that have defined people and places and how they see themselves, contributing to the archives of the Global South — fostering future mechanisms of resistance.

La Rampa is relaunching in 2019 with a new issue about Portugal, the first in a series dedicated to geo-political spaces where Portuguese is spoken.




Editor in Chief: Chantal James

Art Director: Raphael Durão

Senior Editor: Inês Beleza Barreiros

Contributing Editor: Gethin James

Consulting Contributors: Ana Stela Cunha, Joacine Katar Moreira

Honorary Board: Rosie Gordon Wallace, Gethin James, George Pyron

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